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DUI's / OVI's in Ohio and Their Effect on Your Job

Other than the fact that being charged and convicted of a DUI / OVI, removes your right to drive a car, being convicted may further affect your position at work. Having a conviction for a DUI / OVI is public record, and can be searched by prospective, even current employers. It is the type of charge that may prohibit employment for certain jobs. Many jobs require the handling of prescription medicine, and cannot hire those with any hint of substance abuse. Many occupations require driving as part of the job, or offer a company car. People with a DUI / OVI convictions are typically too expensive and dangerous to insure, and will not be hired to fill such positions as a matter of company policy. Those jobs requiring interaction with children may also frown upon hiring a person with a DUI / OVI conviction, though there is no state wide prohibition in Ohio.

CDL's are another issue altogether. Those of you driving commercial vehicles face harsher penalties than regular citizens. A first conviction for a DUI / OVI results in a mandatory one (1) year suspension of your CDL. Worse yet, such a conviction makes finding an insurance carrier nearly impossible. A second conviction for a DUI / OVI, regardless of when it occurs, results in a lifetime suspension of your CDL pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 4506.17. Reinstatement is only possible upon authorization by the registrar. These penalties occur regardless of whether you were driving your commercial vehicle at the time you were arrested or not. If you have a CDL, and don't want to risk losing your job, you should call (216) 696-0900 or 1-888-DUI-OHIO (384-6446) immediately!

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