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Why You may Need an Attorney to Defend Against a DUI / OVI Charge in Ohio

The judicial process is a complicated one, and the penalties for being convicted of a DUI / OVI offense are severe. So to begin, if you at least want the possibility to avoid being convicted of a DUI / OVI, you will likely wish to hire an attorney. Regardless of what kind of case a prosecuting attorney has, that prosecutor will generally not offer to reduce or dismiss a charge against an unrepresented defendant. This is because most prosecutors are talented and experienced litigators who will gladly go to trial against a person with no legal experience or training. Reductions and dismissals generally occur when a prosecutor suspects not only that his/her case is weak, but also that his/her adversary is formidable enough to beat such a case at trial.

Maybe you have no intention of trying to avoid being convicted for a DUI / OVI. You may still want to retain counsel. Even if you feel avoiding conviction is impossible (which you should never do), an experienced attorney will be able to guide you through the legal process, and explain each and every procedure from arraignment to sentencing. Moreover, an attorney can make the process more understandable and as painless as possible. Our attorneys will assist you in appealing and or staying the administrative license suspension, obtaining limited driving privileges, appearing in court on your behalf, investigating and defending your case, filing a motion to suppress on your behalf, mitigating your sentence, and facilitating communication between the court system and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to help get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Not to mention, no person represented by an attorney should have to go in front of a judge without knowing what to do or what to say. Courts can be intimidating, it is best to approach them with experienced and confident attorneys, not alone. To speak with an attorney now, call (216) 696-0900 or 1-888-DUI-OHIO (384-6446) immediately!

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