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Although every case involves its own set of facts and circumstances and even though Zukerman, Daiker & Lear Co., L.P.A. cannot promise a result on your case, our law firm has successfully defended many criminal cases including Aggravated Murder, Murder, Rape, Felonious Assault, White Collar, Drug, DUI, Assault, Internet / Computer Crimes, Self Defense Claims and Domestic Violence cases in the past, including getting charges dramatically reduced or dismissed.

We have also successfully argued suppression motions, which have resulted in the suppression of kilograms of cocaine in a federal drug case, and kilograms of drugs in state felony cases. We zealously defend our clients under the law and the code of professional conduct. We leave no stone unturned and implement creative means by which to attempt to obtain the best results for our clients. Our most important goal remains to protect the rights, liberty and freedom of each client who we are privileged to defend.

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