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The attorneys at Zukerman, Daiker & Lear, Co., L.P.A., have over fifty years of trial experience collectively. Our experience means that you will have attorneys fighting extremely hard for your rights - an informed, experienced criminal defense team working for you every step of the way.  We have rightfully earned the respect of judges, prosecutors, police officers, and most importantly, our clients, as aggressive attorneys. 

One of the largest areas of Zukerman, Daiker & Lear Co., L.P.A’s practice is defending individuals charged with various Federal, State, and Municipal criminal offenses. Our attorneys have handled cases that are as simple as minor misdemeanor speeding tickets all the way up to and including first degree felony cases involving aggravated murder and rape.  We understand that no matter what the severity of your current charges are, your life and liberty are at stake. As such, our firm offers the same level of professionalism in every matter we represent. 

Because of our extensive litigation and trial experience, the attorneys at Zukerman, Daiker & Lear, Co., L.P.A., understand the stress and uncertainty that individuals and their families face when dealing with the prospect that one of their loved ones may be spending time in jail or prison. With this in mind, the attorneys at Zukerman, Daiker & Lear, Co., L.P.A. will explain to you and your family the nature of the charges against you, the punishment that you could be facing if you are convicted of all and/or some of the charges, and the likelihood of success in defending your case. We work with private investigators who are able to interview potential witnesses, obtain statements from witnesses (and lock them into their statement,) take photographs of the scene, and conduct further investigation. Moreover, our defense team consists of experts who can assist in all areas of your defense. You can feel rest assured that each and everyone of the attorneys at Zukerman, Daiker & Lear, Co., L.P.A., will handle your case with the same passion that they would if they were defending one of their own family members. 

While we unfortunately cannot guarantee you any outcome, the one thing that we will guarantee you is that we will do our best to put you in the best possible position to successfully defend your case. Please give us a call and set up appointment with one of our attorneys so that you and/or your family can meet with us. Our attorneys are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to answer any of your concerns and questions. 

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